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Techical data:

Model DPV1230SA
Working travel X,Y,Z 1260x3060x80mm
Traveling positioning accuracy ±0,03/300mm
Table surface Console (vacuum elements)
Vacuum pump power 5,5kW
Max. moving speed 60000mm/min
Max. engraving speed 40000mm/min
Spindle motor power 9kW
Spindle speed 24000min.-1
Drive Motors Servo motors
Working voltage AC380V/50Hz
Structure X,Y axis Rack Gear + Square Rail Hiwin
Structure Z axis Ball Screw + Square Rail Hiwin
Command language G-code
Operating system Syntec
Interface CF card, Network
Collet ER32
Software compatability UG, Powermill, Aplhacam, Mastercam
Machine weight 4000 kg
Packing size 4000x2300x2200mm

CNC woodworking center DPV1230SA

This Single arm CNC Router is suitable for diverse and complex of processing and multifunction machining. It can be used to Engrave, Drill ,Cut, Side milling, leading edge and so on. Main functions are cutting and routing. With high speed, it could be widely used to machining furniture, kitchen, doors. Ideally suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables and chairs. Vacuum worktable fitted with aluminum alloy bars and suction cups is rigid yet flexible for various  configurations. Cropping the full sheet to your ideal size, routing, drilling, sawing, cutting, and milling multiple functions, all in one. Easy for loading and unloading, spend less time but get more out of it.