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Techical data:

Model DPV1325V 4 axis
Working travel X,Y,Z 1300x2500x300mm (B axis ±180°)
Traveling positioning accuracy ±0,03/300mm
Table surface Vacuum table + T-slot
Vacuum pump power 5,5kW
Max. moving speed 60000mm/min
Max. engraving speed 40000mm/min
Spindle motor power 9kW
Spindle speed 24000min.-1
Drive Motors Servo motors
Working voltage AC380V/50Hz
Structure X,Y axis Rack Gear + Square Rail Hiwin
Structure Z axis Ball Screw + Square Rail Hiwin
Command language G-code
Operating system Syntec
Interface CF card, Network
Collet ER32
Software compatability UG, Powermill, Aplhacam, Mastercam
Machine weight 2000 kg
Packing size 3600x2300x2000mm

CNC router DPV1325V 4 axis

With hard steel tube structure, carrousel tool magazine, the machine is specially for 4D industry machining. With spindle(B axis) can rotate +/- 180 degree, and change tools automatically, can make multi-kinds of surface which we can design with Software, for example: arc-surface milling, bend surface machining for 4D jobs, like special shaped arts, bended doors or cabinets.

The machine is completely good at working on hard wood, Rosewood, MDF, Acrylic, Plastic, and some soft metal.