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Techical data:

Model DPV4040G RPO
Working travel X,Y,Z 400x400x100mm
Traveling positioning accuracy ±0,03/300mm
Table surface T-slot
Max. moving speed 6000mm/min
Max. engraving speed 3000mm/min
Spindle motor power 1,5kW
Spindle speed 24000min.-1
Drive Motors Step motors
Working voltage AC220V/50Hz
Structure X, Z axis Ball Screw + Shaft Rails
Structure Y axis Ball Screw + Square Rails
Command language G-code
Operating system DSP
Interface USB
Collet ER16
Software compatability ArtCAM Express
Running environment Temperature: 0-45°C; Relative humidity: 30-75%
Machine weight 110kg
Packing size 910x880x830mm

CNC router DPV4040G PRO

DPV4040G PRO CNC router is the perfect choice for the Homeshop Machinist, Signmaker, Arteist, Engraver, Panel maker or Educational Institution who needs an affordable CNC router with 2D& 3D CAD/CAM machining capabilities. The DPV4040G PRO CNC router is small enough to fit into almost any work space. 

Available models: DPV4040G PRO (Working travel X,Y - 400x400mm), DPV6090G RPO (Working travel X,Y - 600x900mm).