Techical data:

Model KD410 PRO
Operation Sawing
Carriage dimension 2300mm
Max. saw blade diameter 315х30mm
Main sawblade speed rotation 4000min.-1
Cutting height 90/45° 102/72mm
Dust extraction outlet 120+60mm
Motor power 4kW
Scoring blade dimension 120х20mm
Scoring blade speed rotation 8000min.-1
Scorin unit motor power 0,75kW
Operation Milling
Max. cutter head size 300mm
Max. cutter head size under the table 250mm
Usable spindle height 125mm
Spindle stroke 175mm
Spindle diameter 30mm
Inclination of spindle 90-45°
Spindle rotation speed 3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000min.-1
Motor power 4,5kW
Dust extraction outlet 100+120mm
Operation Planing
Planing tables lenght 1800mm
Max. planing width 410mm
Cutterblock diameter 100mm
Knife quantity 4pcs
Max. removal 5mm
Motor power 4kW
Spindle speed 4500min.-1
Dust extraction outlet 120mm
Operation Thicknessing
Max. thicknessing width 406mm
Table lenght 700mm
Thicknessing height 4-225mm
Max. removal 4mm
Feeding speed 8m/min
Dust extraction outlet 120mm
Operation Drilling
Diameter drills 3-16mm
Table size 300x500mm
Longitudinal travel  210mm
Cross travel 250mm
Vertical travel 160mm
Machine weight 1200kg
Overall dimensions 2540х2900х850mm

Combined 5-operation machine KD410 PRO

Option: Carriage length 2500, 2800, 3000, 3200mm.