Techical data:

Model M623
Working thickness 8-160mm
Working width 20-230mm
Quantity of spindles 4-7pcs (by request)
Spindle speed 6000min.-1
Feeding speed 6-30m/min
Power of first bottom spindle 5,5kW
Power of right side spindle 5,5kW
Power of left side spindle 5,5kW
Power of first top spindle 7,5kW
Power of second top spindle 5,5kW
Power of second bottom spindle 7,5kW
Power of universal spindle 7,5kW
Universal spindle position  0,18kW
Universal spindle position 360°
Feeding beam lifting motor 1,1kW
Feeding motor power 4kW
Total motor power 28-36kW
Tool size on the first bottom spindle 108-145x40mm
Tool size on the vertical spindles 108-200x40mm
Tool size on the horizontal spindles  108-200x40mm
Tool size on the universal spindle 108-180x40mm
Max. saw blade diameter (universal spindle) 350mm
Dust outlet diameter 150mm
Working pressure 6Bar
Weight 2,7-5,4t
Lenght 3540-5705mm
Width 1656-1676mm
Height 1730-1800mm

Four side planer RVD M23